Are you a homeowner? Would you like to get more benefit?

If you have an apartment, house or villa in Málaga or Costa del Sol, and want to get the most benefit from your home

How we work?

We work with different tour operators in different European, American, Canadian and Asian countries, in all the most important websites of holiday rental worldwide. The objective is that your house is the most part of the year occupied by a quality public.

Do you want to work with waterfrontmalaga?

If you have a quality home, and you do not want problems, join waterfrontmalaga, we manage everything. Leave your property in the best hands, we manage your home, forget about guests, defaults, damages ....

We will manage your home for you, real benefits from the beginning ...

We take care of everything, contracts, cleaning, inventory check, return of deposits ...

Do you want to obtain a safe and professional tourist apartments management?

We work mainly in two different ways:

  • 1º partial waterfrontmalaga: we are looking for the guests. We notify the owner about the check-in day of the new guests in the house. This option is ideal for those owners who do not want to lose control of their properties, but do not know well how the holiday market. We take care of publishing your property in all the portals, real estate agencies, etc. of holiday rentals (the most important internationally), in this way the owner would take care of all the remaining management: check-in, cleaning, maintenance, outings , etc. We only function as intermediaries.  
  • 2º Waterfrontmalaga integral: We look for the guests. We receive the guests: we make the contract, cleaning the house, check inventory and Return of deposits, etc.

The owner does not have to worry about anything. Waterfrontmalaga would take care of everything: publication, intermediation, cleanings, check-in, check-out, contact with guests, maintenance of property, discharge in tourism, statement to police, etc.

Our owners see how they increase their income the moment we start managing their homes

Call us now and see for yourself that we are the “Málaga - Costa del Sol” holiday home management Company, that best suits your needs and expectations.

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